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Assembly Instruction Translation Services

If your company works in the multinational world of consumer or industrial goods, chances are that you sell products which require an assembly line. To properly market your goods and services to an international market you’re going to require accurate, easy-to-understand assembly instructions.

Assembly instructions translation can be considered a specialization in the world of technical translation and manual translation. Though accuracy is very important when translating any product guide or manuals, assembly translation requires an additional level of product expertise and knowledge.

This is because, if assembly instructions are inaccurate you risk having your product fail completely. This could be catastrophic for both you and your customers; especially if you are selling heavy machinery or industrial equipment.

That’s why you need On the Dot Translations. Our specialty is technical translation and we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, technically accurate, and easy-to-understand assembly instructions.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or assembler of a simpler product like flat pack furniture, or require complex assembly instructions or technical documentation for a product like a piece of heavy construction equipment or machinery, we’re here to help.

Our team of technical process translators consists of skilled linguists and expert translators with strong engineering backgrounds. We can quickly build an understanding of your product and its usage, ensuring that we correctly translate each and every step of the assembly process.

When you choose to work with On the Dot Translations, you’ll get the best service, accurate and on-time translations, and unparalleled dedication to quality. To learn more about our services and our translators, keep reading or contact us now if you’re ready to discuss project details!

See more about our process below, or contact our team today!

Our translators are technical process experts

To translate your documents and assembly instructions accurately and reliably, we employ the very best team of technical translators/writers, engineers, editors, and proofreaders. When you choose us, you’ll get the very best service – guaranteed.

We have years of experience translating even the most complex assembly instructions. When you choose us as your translation partner, we work from the bottom up. We develop an understanding of your product, create comprehensive glossaries and style guides to help us maintain consistent use of complex technical terms, and use advanced software to aid in the quick, accurate translation of your documents.

With our advanced process, deeply experienced translation professionals, and years of experience translating even the most complex assembly documents, you can be sure that we’ll translate even the most difficult technical manuals with speed and precision.

Learn more about our assembly instrucions services and our process!

On the Dot Translations can serve any company that requires specialized services. Our most common clients include:

  • ​Construction companies

  • ​Electronic engineering firms

  • Manufacturing companies

  • ​Engineering companies

And much more. Whether you’re developing products for end-users, or designing complex industrial equipment, we can assist in the development of completely reliable, 100% accurate assembly instructions. Whether you’re translating a source document into a single language or multiple different dialects, our team of translators is the perfect resource.. Let’s talk about our process now, and discuss why we’re the best choice!

Our translation process

We use a specialized, unique translation process for all of our clients. Here’s an inside look at our process!


Project assessment

Each of our projects begins with a comprehensive project assessment. Length, complexity, and other important details about your project are defined, as are your expectations for translation timeframe, budget, and more.

Beginning with a comprehensive project assessment is critical, as it allows us to quickly understand your requirements, and build a detailed plan that we will follow to the “T”, ensuring your satisfaction.

Glossary creation/term definition

Translating technical terms is difficult, and it’s important to stay consistent. That’s why, before translation, we build a comprehensive glossary to maintain the consistency of our translations, and ensure that your instructions are complete, accurate, and easy to understand.



Initial translation

Our team of specialized translators will translate your entire document, following your translation instructions and our glossary of technical terms.


Graphics assessment/translation

If desired/required, we’re fully able to edit, modify, and translate graphics such as photos, vector images, and illustrations.


After translation of your document, our two-tiered editing and proofreading system ensures that your requirements were followed correctly, and that the resulting document is totally error-free, easy-to-understand, and accurate to the source material.



QA testing

Once initial editing and proofreading of your assembly instructions are complete, we’ll send them for QA testing to independent QA specialists. They will confirm the quality of your document, and ensure that we did not overlook any possible mistakes.

Final Delivery

Your document will be delivered to you, always within the timeframe agreed upon in our original project proposal.


We serve an enormous variety of companies with top-notch translation services. So get in touch today and get started with the process!

Why choose On The Dot Translations?

Still curious to learn why you should choose us as your translation partner?


Here are just a few of the best reasons!

​Highly skilled translators – We’re extremely selective about who we hire for your project. Less than 15% of all translators who apply to work with us are selected. We hire experienced, native language speakers and linguists who are absolutely fluent both in your source language and the language into which you’re translating your document.

​Deep technical expertise – Technical translation is our specialty. Because of this, we have a deep bench of technical experts who can translate even the most difficult documents and quickly gain a working knowledge of your products. This allows us to be more accurate when we translate your assembly instructions.

Advanced Translation Memory (TM) technology – We have an advanced TM database. This advanced database helps us store previously translated documents, which allows us to translate your documents more quickly and efficiently. This saves you time and money, and ensures that your documents adhere to industry translation standards and best practices.

​Focus on both digital/print media – We specialize in translation of PDFs, other documents specifically for print media, and in the translation of digital-focused PDFs, online knowledge-based, and “wikis”. Whether your company needs physical assembly instructions, digital versions, or both, we’re here to assist!

For these reasons and quite a few more, you can trust On the Dot Translations to deliver the accurate, timely translations you need.

Contact us today - get started!

If you’re working in a field where you require the translation of deep, technical assembly instructions and user manuals, you can’t risk working with a sub-par translation service. An inaccurate or hard to follow translation can seriously harm your market share and sales in your target markets resulting in project difficulties and serious business issues.

So trust the most reliable translation services around. At On the Dot Translations, our reputation for technical translation precedes us. With industry experts, reasonable rates, and a total dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re the ideal translation partner for your next project. Whether you’re translating a simple, end-user focused set of assembly instructions or a deeply complex technical assembly/installation manual; we can help you get the translation services you need to succeed.

Feel free to contact us for more information or discover more on our website and find out how we can help you grow your business.

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