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Scientific Translation Services

For the past few years, the importance of scientific translation services has increased significantly. Different scientists from different countries are working day and night trying to solve the huge problems we are experiencing on the planet today. These scientists need to publish their research in different languages so that it can reach the right hands. However, language barrier has always been a major hindrance to their work progress. Because of this, it becomes difficult for these geniuses to collaborate and compile their research to get a better perspective of the problems and their possible solutions.

Keeping the truth in mind, On The Dot Translations started to provide professional scientific translation services to its different clients from different parts of the world. If you are a Portuguese researcher and you’d like your research to be published in English or in an American scientific journal, you can come to us, and we will be glad to help you.

Why is scientific translation so important?

As mentioned earlier, science is important in solving the problems we face today. Scientific texts are written for experts all over the world and usually contain vital study findings, investigations, and study results. They are often written in a scientific language which contains a multitude of difficult field-specific terms. The content of the text and literature must be clear, consistent, and conclusive. Because this content is often used by other scientists to conduct further studies or quoted as sources in new scientific literature, precision and accuracy is necessary. As such, they should not contain any errors and ought to be prepared with great care by qualified, competent translators.

See more about our process below, or contact our team today!

What do scientific translations include

Scientific translation is a broad term which describes different disciplines from math and chemistry to biology. Any text that relates to research, analytical or technical is referred to as scientific. Our translation company offers different scientific translations including;

  • Test protocols and clinical and laboratory testing

  • Scientific articles and documents

  • Product launch presentations

  • Scientific encyclopedia

  • Drug information sheets

Below is a brief description of the scientific translations that On the Dot Translations offers. Some of these translations are also found in technical and life sciences categories, but they all fall under scientific translations too.

Clinical Research Translations

On The Dot Translations has been providing clinical and medical research translations to Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) for the last few years. ​We have trained translators to translate different clinical research documents including Patient questionnaires, Informed consent forms, protocols, and pharmacological studies.We understand how important these documents are and so we make sure they are medically accurate and culturally sensitive. CROs usually conduct clinical trials all over the world on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. While this increases the opportunity to compile date from different ethnic backgrounds at a lower cost, the main problem is communication. This does not only pertain to word-for-word translations but also to the diseases concepts, adverse effects, and outcomes being discussed.​Mostly, a large part of the communication in the clinical trial process occurs between clinicians and patients. Depending on the literacy of the patients and the study site, the materials must be translated to match the patients’ reading levels and their culture. You can always rely on us to translate your clinical research documents as precisely as possible.​​

Research paper and articles translation

On The Dot Translations can also help you translate your scientific research papers and articles and get them published in the language of your choice. This is a major relief for researchers who are comfortable writing in their own native language. Each manuscript you provide us is assigned to a specific translator who understands the language and the field-specific terms. We can get your French or Spanish paper or article translated into the English language in a way that it will be indistinguishable from papers written by researchers who are native English speakers. Share your research finding with the world by publishing in the right scientific journals with our help.


Product launch translations

US companies that wish to expand their business operations to other geographic areas like China, Vietnam, or Korea often face a number of challenges among them language barrier and cultural differences. We, On The Dot Translations, are willing to assist you to launch your product in a global marketplace without experiencing the above challenges. When launching a product in a different country, you need to consider aspects such as language and culture so that you won’t use a language that the locals may consider offending. Everything about the product including the Instructions for use, manuals, safety precautions, side effects need to be
culturally sensitive, and in a language, the locals can understand. Do not worry about all these as we are glad to help you. We will translate the documents while taking into consideration the locals norms and culture.

Why choose us

To publish your scientific findings in the global scientific community, it’s important to get the word out effectively and clearly. Remember that any errors in scientific translations can lead to wrong interpretation leading to more problems such as endangering the lives of the consumers. Also, the field of science is constantly evolving meaning that translators must be updated with the current terminologies.
On the Dot Translations works with scientific translators who are trained and highly qualified in different fields of science and a large number of languages. Our dedicated team of linguists has been regularly working on scientific projects with researchers, doctors, and postgraduates. Some of our scientific translators have previous experience in working in science-related fields before turning to language and translating.

At On the Dot Translations, our mission is to make high-quality translations at affordable prices, and this is why we have hundreds of returning customers. We ensure that each scientific project is handled by a linguistic specialized in that area. Our translators have been carefully selected and trained to work in specific fields.

If you have any scientific project you want it translated into English, French, Spanish, German or any other language, don’t hesitate to come to us and we shall provide a high-quality service at reasonable rates.

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