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Legal Translation Services

Legal translation is a complex and difficult process. The nature of legal language and law contributes to the difficulty of this vital process. This is compounded further by complications resulting from working with different languages and legal systems in translation.

The mistranslation of legal texts can have unforeseen consequences including, but not limited to, lawsuits, and a loss of money. For this reason, it is highly advisable that legal translations are handled by professional translators who have specialized in that area. This is where On the Dot Translations comes in.

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We have heavily invested in the development of a specialist team of the best legal translators the industry has to offer. With quality as our core value, we operate on a system where we are transparent in our policies and highly transformable in executing the client's requisites. Our client and result centric approach enables us to make the process as simple and as understandable as possible while exceeding our set expectations.

In our years of experience, we have managed to achieve distinct prominence in the daunting translation industry providing high-quality translation and innovative related services. All our translation projects go through a rigorous process for quality assurance. Herein is a comprehensive overview of the legal translations services that we offer at On the Dot Translations.

Our legal translation services

Legal Document Translation - On the Dot Translations can handle the translation of legal documents in a fast, efficient, and accurate manner all with total confidentiality. Legal document errors in the courtroom or corporate environments can result in unnecessary and often costly legal battles. We are well aware that legal expertise and precision is necessary for legal document translation. We offer a trustworthy, proven, and experienced team with top-notch legal training and extensive expertise in legal terminology. Our legal document translation process ensures that each word is legally binding and accurate in its target language as it is in the source language.

Contract translation - We have been handling all types of contracts in all major languages over the years. We ensure that we match legal translation experts in the relevant field to the client's contract translation requirement. Our team includes in-country legal translators comprising of practicing attorneys and sworn translators. This means that you can be assured of a contract translation that is unparalleled in its quality. We offer certified contract and legal agreement translations that are accepted by courts and government bodies all over the world. Part of our regular contract translation projects include lease agreements, real-estate contracts, employee contracts, clinical trial agreements, and partnership agreements. We provide contract translation services for corporations, law firms, and private individuals. We deliver your projects fast, at a high-quality level, and at competitive prices.

Certificate Translation - On the Dot Translations offers complete legalized translations of client certificates or official documentation. We deal with a full range of certificates for law firms, companies, and individuals. Providing accurate translation for official documentation is extremely important. This becomes more evident when the certificate is personal to the client and could be necessary by law for such purposes as identity verification. Speed is often an issue with certificate translations; we have clients covered in this regard. Our team of experts is committed to providing quick certificate translations, but bearing the same meticulous accuracy that has seen us maintain high customer satisfaction rates. The certificates can include qualification or degree certificates, birth, and death certification as well as criminal or police record checks.

Legalized, sworn and certified translations - Certification or legalization of translation is oftentimes a very confusing aspect of the legal translation process. For a translation in this field to be official, the translator has to declare it to be an accurate reflection of the source text. This is necessary for official documents to be considered legally valid in a foreign country. The documents can include academic, marriage, divorce and birth certificates as well as official transcripts and legal documents such as notarial deeds, references, contracts, and power of attorney. On the Dot Translations offers certified translation by attesting that our translations are an accurate reflection of the source text. We stamp each page to this effect and provide a certificate verifying our translators' credentials.

Court document translation - Any legal case relies on the clear and precise translation of evidence and court documentation. We have a team of experts in this field who understand the importance of accuracy, confidentiality, and court deadlines for client court documentation. We carefully match each court document translation project to the relevant subject area experts. Court documents often have highly technical and unique terminology. We can provide skilled and highly reliable expert translators that assist clients with all kinds of court document translation needs. Our personnel, in this regard, have extensive experience in the legal profession and can translate the most demanding court documents within the timelines set forth by the same.

Will translation - Due to the sensitive and personal subject matter often contained in wills, they can be particularly difficult to translate. On the Dot Translations enforces a strict non-disclosure policy that serves to ensure that the clients' personal documents are secure, safe and highly confidential. Our translation experts have the ability and drive to handle a will fast, sensitively, with precision and the utmost care.

Patent translation - Patent translation is vital for the protection of intellectual property and security of patented rights over products or inventions. High quality patent translation is essential to clients who seek to increase the scope of the patent protection they obtain and ensure international compliance with their rights. This is exactly what we offer in regards to patent translations. Professional and accurate patent application translation can determine the level of patent protection secured. We have the knowledge and skills to aid you through the complete patent translation process.

Why should you choose us?

In today's era of ever-changing business environments and increased globalization, staying ahead on cost basis is not the only criteria. As such, we enforce strict quality guidelines to ensure all our services meet global standards and most importantly, fit the needs of our clients. We offer translation quality assurance by:

Handpicking the best legal translators in the industry on the basis of their skill set and experience.

Making sure all our translators adhere to our strict selection criteria.

Making sure that all our translators are at least degree level holders in translation.

Ensuring that our legal translators have working industry experience for the legal materials they are tasked with.

Ensuring that our translators are dedicated to the projects that best suit their profile in the long term sense.

Regularly updating and maintaining our database with the latest terminology in various fields.

Ensuring that our team is well trained in employing the latest computer-aided translation tools and software at their disposal.

On the Dot Translations has invested in tools and resources that keep us apprised of the latest legal terminology. The research we conduct is second to none due to our extensive selection of specialized terminology database and dictionaries. We employ automated tools to ensure consistent terminology through all our translation projects.

We have specialized in highly technical legal translation and interpretation in all major languages. We offer top quality service, with varied technical and literacy translation experience, native ability in target languages, and expert computer skills. On account of our stringent quality control process, commitment to meeting deadlines, our team is guaranteed to deliver a crucial service at high quality to price rates.

We specialize in the following types of legal translation:

  • ​Legal Aid

  • Employment Law

  • Family Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Personal Injury Law

  • ​Criminal Law

Our customers turn to us due to our proven commitment to offering high quality, cost-effective, and client-oriented services in due time. Contact Us Today and we will begin right away on your crucial translation projects. Our dedicated team will be glad to take you through the entire process, briefing and educating you throughout. Our contact details are listed below if you seek to inquire about the translation services offered by On the Dot Translations.

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