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Software Localization Services

Software localization is an incredibly labor intensive, resource heavy process. Software localization requires much more than basic translation services; source code must be modified, GUI elements redone, and programs must be modified to conform to local laws, languages, and cultural attitudes.

Though translation is an important part of software localization, it’s only part of the puzzle. To truly localize a product you’ll require the services of a team of software engineers, project managers, subject matter experts, and translators.

That’s what we offer at On the Dot Translations. With our team of localization professionals, we streamline the process of translating and localizing your software ensuring that it’s fully understandable, usable, and intuitive. In addition, we take pains to test each piece of localized software with native speakers.

You can trust us to deliver exceptional results for your next software localization project. Whether you’re creating a consumer-facing product, B2B software, or any other product, we’re the ideal partner. Keep reading to learn more about our process, approach, and expertise or contact us now for a quote!

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Why choose us for software localization?

Because we’re experts in every aspect of localization and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure accurate results. Not only that, we can offer professional localization services at any stage of development.

Whether you’ve just begun designing a new piece of software, or you’re nearing your expected project completion date, we’re happy to assist you with the localization of your product.

With translators who are experienced at translating dozens of languages, software experts who can assist in the modification of source code, and project managers who keep your entire project on track, we’re the best in the business.

Our software localization services

Software localization is a deep and complex field, but we have the expert staff to handle every single aspect of the software localization process. Take a look at our services below and see how we can help you with your next localization!

Translation Services – The first step to any product localization is high-quality, easy-to-understand text translation. Our team of expert linguists will work closely with your company to translate every piece of text in your product from tooltips and menu options, to help menus, online FAQs, user documentation, and more. Our technical translators specialize in accurately translating complex terminology across multiple languages ensuring that your software is functional, easy to use, and intuitive.

UI Modification/Restyling – After initial translation, most programs require extensive User Interface (UI) modification and restyling. Our team of experts can help you and your team throughout this process, and ensure that your translations are rendered correctly and that your UI is easy to understand in the translated language.

Conversion/Adaptation To Local Units – The conversion of units such as date, time, measurements, and currency is a critical part of any translation project. Our localization experts can ensure that localized versions of your product conform to all expected local standard and practices. This minimizes confusion and maximizes the usability of your end product.

Media Localization/Translation – If your software contains media such as motion graphics, animations, video, or images, their written content will require translation and modification. Our team can analyze all of the media present in your software, and ensure that all relevant images and videos are translated accurately into your target language.

Translation/Adaptation Of Help Files/FAQs – Our team of technical translation specialists can assist with the development and translation of online help files, FAQs, and more.

Translation Of Technical Materials (User Guides/Documentation) – Technical materials such as user guides and documentation are essential to the release of a new piece of software. With deep industry knowledge and cross-cultural expertise, our translation team can adapt user guides and instruction manuals to a variety of different languages.

Testing And QA – Whether you have chosen to localize your software elsewhere, or have chosen On the Dot Translations for localization services, we provide a comprehensive suite of testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services.

We contract with a variety of native speakers in your target language and provide them with your localized software. This comprehensive QA process ensures that your translations have been rendered accurately and that your software conforms to all relevant user expectations.

From simple translation and localization projects to product launches across multiple languages and regions, our team of localization experts can handle it all. So get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we can offer you and choose us as your localization partner for your next project!

The benefits of choosing On The Dot Translations

100% Accurate Translations – Our team of technical translators is the best in the business. We hand-select translators and linguists who are experts at software localization, and deeply familiar with your target markets, languages, and cultures.
This allows us to deliver culturally-relevant, accurate, and easy to understand translations – ensuring that your software products deliver an unparalleled user experience in every language.

Fully Integrated With Your Team And Workflows – At On the Dot Translations, we believe that great localizations are only possible when our localization team works hand-in-hand with your development team.
When you hire us for your localization project, our team will partner directly with your project managers, software developers, and all other stakeholders.This allows us to keep you informed on the progress of your project, and quickly resolve development issues and potential roadblocks.

Comprehensive Roadmapping And Project Management – ​We understand the inherent difficulty of software localization. Scope creep, unexpected roadblocks, and bugs are common throughout software development. When multiple versions of a localized software are involved these issues can be compounded.
That’s why we specialize in creating comprehensive software roadmaps and use project management best practices such as Agile workflows to avoid common software development issues.

Increased Sales In Your Target Market –  Improperly localized software can be frustrating and difficult to use. If you fail to localize your software properly, your investment may not pay off and your sales may suffer as a result.

Contact Us Today – Start Your Next Localization Project Now!

In today’s international software market, software localization is not optional. To maximize sales and grow your company, you must appeal to international customers with smart, comprehensive localization services.

With years of expertise localizing software, a large team of expert translators, and the ability to localize software in dozens of languages, On the Dot Translations is the ideal partner for your business success!

So don’t miss out on the benefits of software localization – and don’t trust anyone else with the success of your products! Contact On the Dot Translations now to learn more about our software translation services, and begin the process of localizing your next software project today.

Feel free to contact us for more information or discover more on our website and find out how we can help you grow your business.

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