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Life Sciences Translation Services

Over the years, there have been a lot of advancements in the life science industry with new drugs and medical instruments beings manufactured. Life sciences companies play a key role in improving the world we live in and more so in the health sector. But for these game changers to meet our ever-changing needs, international collaboration is necessary. As such, it’s crucial that they adapt their marketing tools to meet the needs of the foreign market where intent to sell their products. This means that their business websites and marketing tools must be available in the local languages of their target audience.

Our company, On the Dot Translations, offers life science translations to different science companies who want to access global or foreign market. Life sciences translation is a critical area that requires a lot of accuracy and expertise to ensure that there are no errors in the final work. This is why we have highly professional scientific translators experienced in translating dozens of languages to ensure that they provide you with quality translation service that meets your needs.

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Why choose us for your life sciences translation project

On the Dot Translations understands the complexity of communication medical terminologies and concepts. We are not just here to do business, but to facilitate communication across the globe and help take your pharmaceutical or medical instrumentation business across the borders. We have a dedicated and highly professional team of life sciences translators who have undergone rigorous training and testing to ensure that your product is accurately presented.

In everything we do, we ensure that your innovation is received with enthusiasm and excitement by your target audience. So, you can trust us to provide you with quality and accurate translations that adhere to the international standards, regulatory body standards, and cultural norms.

We offer a wide range of life science translation services. Some of them include the following:

Clinical trial translations

Before releasing any drug in the market, pharmaceutical companies must conduct clinical trials to determine the efficacy and safety of the drug. These trials are quite expensive and length to conduct. In fact, studies show that a lot of pharmaceutical companies in the US outsource their trials and conduct them in other countries to reduce the cost. When a clinical trial is conducted abroad, it’s extremely important that they are as accurate as possible and free from errors. This calls for translation services to ensure that all the documents are translated accurately, and all terminologies explained in detail.

If your company is looking to conduct a clinical trial abroad, you can trust us for timely and accurate clinical trial translation. We have experienced translators specialized in the medical field to help you translate everything from the initial clinical trial proposal to protocol studies to research findings.

Pharmaceutical translations

Pharmaceutical organizations, such as yours, which have or are in the process of expanding their global reach, quite often face complications when registering their drugs in foreign markets. The quality and accuracy that we provide ensure your documentation is managed by our total quality process thereby enabling a global launch.

Medical device translations

The Medical devices industry is quickly advancing, and almost every medical device manufacturer is aiming to completely access the global market. To be able to access and succeed in the international market, you must adhere to the regulatory and safety requirements set by each country. You will need translation service to translate the medical device documents such as the user manuals, instruction for use (IFUs), product catalogs, and labeling and all these must adhere to the cultural norms and practices of the consumers. On the Dot Translations understands how sensitive medical device documents are and will help you translate them as accurately as possible. We have a dedicated team of translators who provide quality translations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Regulatory submissions

It’s important that every pharmaceutical company meets the market’s expectations and regulatory standards. You should submit quality regulations which adhere to the set standards and expectations of your target market. In this way, you will be able to get faster approval for your medical and health products.

On the Dot Translations understands that complying with regulatory standards is not only important to get product licenses, but also the key to access new foreign markets. Our company has been serving various sectors including Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare with translations with the highest precision, accuracy, and quality. We have a dedicated team of life science translators that has extensive experience in working with various regulatory bodies such as EMA, FDA, PMDA and many others. We ensure that your regulatory documents such as Regulatory Correspondence and Regulatory Dossiers meet the set regulatory standards and are ready for approval.

Website localization

As a medical device company or pharmaceutical company, having a website with localized content is critical for your success in new foreign markets. Having a non-localized translation might not only taint your image but also can prevent you from achieving your goals. On the Dot Translations can help you develop a website that adheres to the cultural norms and nuances of your target market. We have experts to ensure that all medical terminologies are translated correctly and in a way that your target market can understand. We ensure consistency and accuracy in every translation we do, and this is one thing that makes us stand from the crowd.

Benefits of working with On The Dot Translation

Several aspects make us the best in our field.

Some of them include:

International experience. On the Dot Translations have experts with global experience and who understands all the standards and cultural norms of different countries to ensure that your medical documents are translated with the highest quality and precision. Over the years, we have been working with large biotechnology, medical instrumentation, and pharmaceutical companies in different countries and so our dedicated team has gathered extensive skills that help us serve all our clients in any time zone.

Timely Delivery. On the Dot Translations understands how important it is to submit medical documents within the stipulated time. A good example of this is regulatory submissions which must be done as early as possible to get approval for your product. We have ready and skilled translators who will make sure that all your documents are translated within your stipulated time. To do that, we need the exact date when you need the completed project, and by so, we will strive to give our best delivery time.

We take time to understand your project. On the Dot Translations understand all companies are not equal and each has its own market goals. We fully understand that our clients’ needs vary depending on their business and situation. Though your project might be similar to another person’s, you may both have different reasons for translation, and so our company takes time to go through your project, understand your brand, needs and project’s requirements. After we are finished with your project, we will give you the chance to review it, and if you’re not satisfied, we will revisit and try to make it better.

Our translators have extensive knowledge and experience in life sciences. Translating a medical document is challenging and thus requires an expert to translate it with the highest accuracy possible. You have to translate all the medical terminologies without altering the meaning and ensuring that everything adheres to local standards and cultural nuances. We have highly professional life sciences translators who ensure your websites, leaflets, patient brochures, instructions for use and other documents are translated into the local language.

Whether you want your website localized or you want a medical, pharmaceutical or any life science document translated, you can rely on us for quality and accurate services. We are experts in the field, and our team of translators is ever ready to complete your project within your stipulated time. They are experienced in translating dozens of languages into your preferred language and according to your needs.
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