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Professional Patent Translation Services

In the recent past, there has been an upsurge in the number of patents filed worldwide.

Organizations are expanding their reach to new markets overseas.

To be able to get legal protection for your trademark, intellectual property or copyright in a foreign country, you are required to translate the patent document into an official language of that country.

What is patent translation?

Patent translations help to outline the nature of the business and type of products and services associated with the company. An accurate translation service will give you the edge you need in your industry. It need to be precise, clear and factual.

An incorrect translation can narrow the scope of your patent claim. During court proceedings, an inaccurate translation might get rejected by the courts. Worse still, you might lose your intellectual property rights because of poor translation or uncertified translators.

Why do you need a professional translator?

A patent translation can only be validated by the courts if the translators followed due process in the translation. For a translation to qualify as evidence, the courts stipulate that the translation work should be done by an experienced and certified translator.

​To get your patent translations right, you need skilled translators who are experts in the field of your brainchild. Expert translators will understand the language and terminology of your field of business, and they are familiar with country-specific regulations. They will give you the perfect translation you need to safeguard your patent in foreign countries.

See more about our process below, or contact our team today!

Types of ​foreign patent ​translation services

On the Dot Translations does two types of patent translations; for information, and for filing. These two types of patent translations have different uses and separate audiences. Your objectives and audience determine the kind of translation you would require.

Intended purpose and the audience type are the aspects we consider during translation.

Our translated patents can either be used for marketing or meet legal requirements when you expand your business to foreign countries.

Patents translated for filing are used to achieve legal requirements in overseas countries. These patents are likely to be used by lawyers, registration officers, and patent licensees in the said nations.

Patents translated into information are used to break down the contents of filed patents for use as evidence in court proceedings in cases of intellectual property rights infringement.

Documents for filing

We understand that a patent translation needs to cater to diverse audiences, and so we do the job in a transparent and simplified manner. The resultant simplified translations can enable even a layperson to understand the type and nature of your intellectual property.

​Our skilled translators use short sentences, precise description, and uncomplicated vocabulary in the translations to eliminate ambiguity.

By and large, patents translated for filing can be entirely different from the original charters. Our translators can add or remove text from the initial license, according to a client's request. The result is an easy to understand patent for all types of audiences.

Though translating patent documents for filing allows for flexibility, the translation still needs to preserve the content, meaning, and nature of the original patent. This requires that we work closely with the client.

We are dedicated to meet every customer's specific needs, and so we hold consistent consultations with our clients through the whole process. This close collaboration helps us to deliver an efficient and effective translation that can meet every country-specific standards.


Documents for information

We approach this type of translation with caution. Patent translation for information requires a literal translation that is as close as possible to the original patent. There is no room for adding or subtracting data here. There are no set standards as to what a literal translation must be like.

Simple changes like changing the position of a comma in a sentence can give a different meaning to the patent. Our magic formula here is to stick to the original content with minimal changes in punctuation and sentence structures. We have in-house patent attorneys and experts in various fields of business to handle these types of translations.


Why choose On The Dot Translations?

We have the best talent in over 100 languages - ​with a New York office

On the Dot Translations provides accurate and reliable patent translation services and solutions. We are located in New York City and our experienced translators can handle the most demanding patent files in over 100 language pairs. These services can help governments, businesses, and organizations to expand their global reach in a cost-effective manner.

On the Dot Translations has the right talent to handle your patent translation needs. Our diverse team comprises of multilingual researchers, legal experts, artists, engineers, and scientists. These translators have mastered the process of patent translation; you can expect quality, consistent, and timely work.

We are up-to-date with translation technologies

Translation technologies are constantly changing, but we have stayed up to date with the latest tools. We have precise terminology management software that can handle simply even the most elaborate patent vocabulary.
Our patent translation technology helps us to comprehend patent documents from all over the world for precision and reliability in this undertaking. And another thing we use is a consolidated translation platform for a natural workflow in every language.

You can enjoy the benefits of streamlined service

​Our translation teams are highly coordinated. This collaboration helps us to cut down on costs and to deliver error-free intellectual property translations. Our teams run their interpretation openly and transparently, giving timely reports to the project owners.

With our streamlined patent translation services, you can be sure to enjoy a trickle-down effect of affordability and quality. This will give you an edge over your competitors.

​​Thorough proofreading

We assign each order to specific qualified certified translators who have appropriate expertise to handle the terminology in the language they work with. When the translators finish, our team of skilled proofreaders goes through the patent documents to ensure every detail is accurately outlined before we finally submit the reports to you.

At On the Dot Translations our experience, passion, and skills set us apart in the industry. We can handle all types of patent documents, including patent applications, patent renewals, patent appeals, and patent approvals. Our job is guarded by discretion, and we guarantee truthful and reliable translations.

Feel free to contact us for more information or discover more on our website and find out how we can help you grow your business.

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